William Widdop® Wooden Glass Bezel Mantel Clock


William Widdop® Wooden Glass Bezel Mantel Clock

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A modern wooden and glass mantel clock from WILLIAM WIDDOP®. This stylish and modern mantel clock has a beautiful white clockface that seemingly hangs in mid-air within the glass pane. The clock has a roman numeral dial and modern spade clock hands, all sitting within a wooden casing.

Established in 1883, WILLIAM WIDDOP® is named after the founder clockmaker and jeweller based in the Yorkshire town of Brighouse. With a strong focus on family traditions, Widdop continues to manufacture classic clocks as well as producing new & innovative designs. WILLIAM WIDDOP® clocks are famed for their history, longevity and timeless style which remains steadfast in the range today. Manufactured with unrivalled quality for those who will cherish their traditional timepieces for many years to come.

Size: 17cm H x 16cm W x 5cm D


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