Pomme-Pidou ‘Bruce the Basset’ Money Box


Pomme Pidou ‘Bruce the Basset Dog’ Money Box, available in various designs and colours.

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This ceramic money box adds colour and cosiness to your interior and is therefore ideal for decoration. Moreover, saving money becomes easier than ever with Bruce in the house. In his long belly is room for lots of coins and notes. You can insert them through the large coin slot on his back. The rubber cap at the bottom of his belly makes sure everything stays safely in place until you need it.
These brilliantly vibrant Pomme Pidou money boxes are high-quality moneyboxes that will brighten up any shelf!
These eye-catching collectable money boxes are made from ceramic and given a high gloss decoupage finish.  They make a great gift and are supplied in a gift box.
Each design is unique, and the Pomme Pidou designers are always introducing new patterns  – You may find your money box has different patterns than the pictures on the website.
Each money box has a stopper to enable your savings to be easily accessed without damaging your money box.

Please note: Colours and patterns will vary from those shown.  If you require a specific design, please make a note in the shipping instruction box or call us or email us.

Dimensions: Height 18cm, Width 19cm, Depth 13cm

Made in:  Belgium

Please note, product measurements and designs may vary slightly from those stated. 


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